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“Wrong security code. Please upload any pictures again.” Are you getting this error?
We are currently experiencing issues uploading images from the Post Ad Page. If you keep getting this error, it may be due to this issue. In the meantime please upload all images from the Edit Ad Page. When you post an ad (without images), a link to your Edit Ad Page will be emailed to you. For more details click here.

Can I view and search posts from all Cities and Countries at once on The Homeboy Shopping Network?
Yes you can. Search results are based on the city you select. To see all global listings on The Homeboy Shopping Network, click "Everything" in the directory bar at the top of the page.

How can I get the best search results?
Do not use quotations when searching on the website.

Why are my photos showing up sideways?
We're gonna pass the buck on this one. Apple says you're holding the camera wrong and to always hold the Home button to the right when taking pictures. You can also use apps to rotate your images. This guy breaks it down further here.

What the truck?
If you see a truck on an ad page or ad preview, it means the seller is willing to ship the item. Contact the seller to work something out. Offering shipping will increase interested buyers. Ship your slinky from here to Helsinki.

Where is my ad, it didn't get posted?
Sometimes new ads get marked as spam if they contain flagged text. If you think this is happening to you and you aren't promoting Viagra or a distant inheritance please email us and we will sort it out.

Deleting & Updating videos in your ad
On the Edit Ad page, videos posted will show the YouTube link surrounded by an [EMBED] tag. To Delete a video, delete the [EMBED] tag and YouTube link. You can add multiple videos through the Edit Ad page, the same way you did when you posted your ad.

Tip: When you click the embed button the [EMBED] tag/Video is placed wherever your cursor is in the preview text area.

Do I really have to type "thehomeboyshoppingnetwork.com" into my browser to get to this site?
No, The Homeboy Shopping Network is also THBSN.com.

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Ad posting tips TOP

Here's a few tips to help you post better ads:

Take Good Photos

Taking good photos will help you sell your stuff faster. Good photos will make you eligible for our 'good lookin' contest (click for info). Keep the following points in mind when shooting:

Proper lighting will make or break a photo.

Get creative and use interesting backgrounds, take photos against flat colour or textured backgrounds.
Photo all angles of product, capture all information.

Shoot from a tripod to reduce blur.
Don’t waste anyone's time. No one wants to meet in person to find out that "mint item" you're selling is really in poor condition. Highlight any flaws and provide accurate description of your items.

Titles & Description Text

Include all keywords buyers would search for.
Include text to answer any anticipated questions buyers may have. Who, what, why, when, how.

Include brand/artist/designer names.
Communication is key. Send an email to confirm 'Payment Received' and when 'Item Has Shipped'.

Other Buying & Selling Tips

If you are buying, ask the seller lots of questions to avoid any surprises.
Research the items you are buying or selling.
Examine and test any item out before dropping your cold hard cash on it.
Cash is king, banks won't take fake cashier's checks & money orders.

Include preferred payment option.
When shipping an item, It's a good idea to add insurance.
Transactions are between buyers and sellers only, there are no third party "guarantees".
Don't give out your personal financial info.

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Special thanks to the following creatives for their contributions: Amplifier by Humberto Pornaro, Amplifier by Joab Penalva, Audio Jack by Tomas Borosk, Bath by Juan Pablo Bravo, Bicycle by Sergi Delgado, Blender by Simon Child, Book by James Thoburn, Boot by Chirag Shah, Camera by Pavel Mariánek, Car by Andrew Cameron , Card by David Padrosa, Casette by Asmathies Janssen, CD by Edward Boatman, Cell Phone by Andrew Forrester, Cell Phone by Chris Kerr, Coat by Konrad Michalik, Coat by Wilson Joseph, Controller by Luis Martins, Couch by chiccabubble, Data Power by im icons, Dress by iconoc, Drums by Martin Turner, Film Reel by Joe Mortell, Four Wheeler by Jono Freeman, Free by S Walker, Gift by Mourad Mokrane, Golf icon Fabián Sanabria, Golf icon by Nicolas Molès, Guitar by Gustavo Perez Rangel, Handshake by Diego Naive, Hat by Alex Berkowitz, Hat by Drew Condon, Hat by pixeline, Headphones by Julieta Felix, High Heel by Dorian Dawance, Hoodie by im icons, House by Lil Squid, Inflatable Boat by Luke Anthony Firth, Laptop by Dillon Arloff, Monitor by Danny Sturgess, Motorcycle by Okan Benn, Motorcycle by Simon Child, Mouse by Anton Håkanson, Outdoor & Patio by Bonnie Beach, Outdoor & Patio by Gemma Garner, Pants by Manav Dhiman, Patio Umbrella by João Proença, Pedal by Hum, Rake by Anton Gajdosik, Record by Juan Pablo Bravo, Ring by Alex Sheyn, RV by Derek Palladino, Shoes by Julia Soderberg , Shovel by Scott Lewis, Skateboarding by Pedro Vidal, Skirt by Lina Castaneda, Stroller by Anna Racaza, Sweatshirt designed by Steffen Frys, Tie by Prerak Patel, Tire by Monika Ciapala, Toiletries by Claire Jones, Trophy by Matthew R. Miller, USB Cable by Mario Verduzco, VHS Tape by Loic Poivet, Video Game Controller by Hysen Drogu, Washing-Machine by José Hernandez, Wallet by Chris Kerr, Watch by Anusha Narvekar, Watch by Jasmine Jones, Watering Can by Anton Gajdosik, Wheel by Alessandro Suraci, Wheelbarrow by Ruben Vh, Wrench by James Viola.

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